私の家ではあまり観賞魚とは言えない雷魚 Channa argus を3年間(1996.10~1999.11)にわたり飼っておりました。 名前はカム、由来は魚種のカムルチーからとりました。

雷魚編はカムとの3年間の記録です。 構成は4部からなり History は飼育日記。Photo Library は記録写真。Episode はカムにまつわる出来事とカムルチーの習性などを。Reference は雷魚についての資料集です。雷魚キーパー、並びに将来キーパーに成られる方々に少しでも参考になれば幸いです。


The “raigyo” which couldn’t be said as the enjoyment fish very much was kept for three years (1996.10~1999.11) in my house.
A name took a “cam” and the origin from camuruchi of the fish kind.

A “raigyo” section is a record for three years with the “cam”. Composition consists of four copies, as for History, as for the breeding diary Photo, as for the record photograph Episode, the happening which relates to the “cam”, the habit of camuruch, and so on.
Reference is a materials collection about the “raigyo”. It is lucky if and it is helpful in everywhere where it will become owner in the future at all “raigyo” owner .
It is introduced to the diary style by Japanese original fresh-water fish section around the topic of a familiar river fish to collect comparatively and which is easy to breed.

Forgive difficult scientific knowledge because it sticks to myself and the fish and it has it and it is not here
It will be renewed from now on so that it can have everyone in the fish fan it enjoys comfortably, too.